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Join Alex, Tony, and Warren as they straddle the line between satire and elitism. 
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The hosts of the Cycling Fashion Week podcast at the finish line of the Grand Prix Cyclistes de Montreal.
Meet The Hosts
The most French person you've ever met, Alex is dripping with sophistication and panache. Located in Montreal, he rides Camillien Houde—the hardest climb in the world—every day.
Brash. Outspoken. Sensitive. Tony often brings the hottest takes to the show, but if you don't agree with him he will be deeply hurt.
A self-admitted cyclocross fan, Warren brings a perspective that is sometimes too closely aligned with the interests of Big Mountain Bike™.
Guest Hosts
You can't have a cycling podcast without a hype beast on staff. Italian Alex brings an on-trend mindset to contrast our sometimes curmudgeonly ways.
The only proper bike racer in the bunch, Skyler drops takes heavier than her watt bombs in crits. 
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